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Ice Facial: 7 Incredible Ways, it Helps you get Glass Skin

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ice facial

This technique of applying ice on your face, particularly every morning is called ice facial. It just drastically helps you to draw a lot of blood to your face and you can see instant reduction in your puffiness, your face will look so much lifted and fresh.

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Other than blood circulation, which a lot of us know, it also brings miraculous effects on our skin after continuous usage leading to a glass skin when some skincare is followed along with that.

First of all, let me just tell you how to apply ice in the correct way on your face. It shouldn’t be applied directly on your skin, there should be a barrier present between your skin and the ice like a very thin cloth, so you can use a napkin. Remember to keep it very clean.

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If it is water, you can directly splash it on your face or dip your face into the bowl you have ice water, because it’s not going to be spot treatment like Appling a freezing cube on your face. And only tap the ice on your skin, do not press it very had or keep it on top of your skin for more than 5 seconds.

1. Heals and Improves Skin Barrier

Ice is basically cooling and anti-inflammatory thing, with a proper barrier between your skin and ice, the temperature is reduced to bearable, and it helps rushing blood to the surface of your skin, making its repair faster.

Do not do this if you have a damaged skin barrier as it may further irritate your skin. Only do this if you want to improve your skin barrier and heal things like minimal irritation, acne burns etc., For the former said condition, apply a thin layer of occlusive or a thick moisturizer and follow it up with a SPF.

2. Minimizes the Appearance of Pores

Every time we take a steam, clay mask or any type of mask with sucks out dirt and oil form our pores, it tends to appear a bit bigger. So, experts usually advise us to follow it up with rubbing some ice on our skin. This is because ice acts exactly opposite to a steam and brings our pores back to its normal size and makes it to look way smaller.

Always remember, no pores in this world change its size. Pores doesn’t get bigger or smaller, it just appears bigger once all this gunk and dirt settles in it without proper cleansing. Once you clean your face properly, by using any mask and take off all the gunk sitting there, your pores look bigger and when you follow it up with patting some ice on your face, it visibly reduces the appearance of pores.

So, when prolonged usage of ice is done, you can see a very much visible difference in the reduction of enlarged pores.

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3. Anti-Ageing Effects

Again, you can also achieve anti-aging effects on your skin because of blood circulation. Ice and steam, rushes a lot of blood and keep it moving under your skin, so a lot of collagen and other skin firming and tightening substances are going to get transported way faster to all nook and corner of your face resulting in more firmer and tighter skin. Hence Anti-Aging.

4. Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation can happen in a lot of areas like on acne, under eye bags, the morning puffiness etc., Basically this cold therapy helps in reducing puffiness or inflammation by constricting the blood vessels and helps in draining the excess fluid present under our skin, in turn reducing puffiness.

An alternative way of applying hot packs also works for puffiness if you have problems like sinus.

5. Radiant and Bright Skin

What do you think is the key reason behind what we call as a glass skin. Its a healthy skin barrier, even IF you are under noon sun without SPF for more than 3 minutes, it adversely affects your skin barrier. Icing acts as a extra care for your skin along with your skincare and helps in improving your skin health, but icing alone will not be enough to get the so called glass skin.

I just have to be honest with you guys, a good skincare with very minimal steps is very much enough to get glass like skin when done consistently, said thing along with ice facial can help you achieve is very sooner.

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6. Manages Oiliness

As discussed above, ice helps in constricting blood vessels along with other glands like our sebaceous glands and our pores in total. This makes all our sebaceous glands to produce very less oil than it did before. So we get a very fresh face post facial.

One more tip, I just want to share with you is about makeup. when you do your makeup post icing, the blending turns out so effortless and your makeup is going to look so natural.

7. Reduces Acne

Our skin tends to get irritated when we breakout and this irritation leads to inflammation. Usually drying lotions are used as spot treatment for acne, by which the acne dries fast, and the gunk falls off soon not leaving any scars. Here, the ice does the same thing by having drying effects, which additionally also cools and heals the irritated spot reducing the inflammation, so it’s just killing two birds with one stone.

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