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Top 12 Gentle Cleansers for Supple Soft Skin | Glow Regime

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GLOW REGIME is reader-supported. I have suggested only the products I have used and yielded me good results. When you buy through links in our site, we may get an affiliate commission.

1. CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

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In the world of gentle facewashes, CeraVe stands out the most. There has always been a debate between Cetaphil and CeraVe, but coming to my opinion cerave is a little better in melting my makeup and deep cleaning my pores, yes, cetaphil also does the same but I find cetaphil a little slower compared to the former. So yeah, the #1 best gentle cleanser goes to CeraVe.

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2. Cetaphil Face Wash

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We have already discussed about Cetaphil in lot of our articles. This has no added ingredients or actives, just what is needed for a good decent cleanser. This has been placed on the #2 place only considering the time it takes to remove makeup and dirt, but of course after atleast 5 minutes of good massage, all your dirt and gunk is going to come off.

Remember you have to use a good cleansing oil or micellar water if you are wearing any physical sunscreen or makeup on, before generally you use any Gentle Cleansers.

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3. TULA Skin Care Super Calm Gentle Milk Cleanser

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I got recently introduced to this brand, but my god! The reviews and results people are sharing is mind blowing. As far as the ingredient list is considered, I don’t find any harsh chemicals, also it is fragrance free and non-comedogenic. The main point because of which it suits all skin types is the probiotic it is formulated with as a key ingredient. Not only the cleanser, almost all their skin care range is tested safe for sensitive skin.

You can of course give it a try no matter what your skin type is. Unfortunately, this brand is not available in India, and need not worry, there are still great alternatives for this product in India. You can try out Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Foam which is a sort of foaming yet gentle cleanser and Dr. Sheth’s Cica & Ceramide Gentle Cleanser which is formulated extremely good and is very much affordable.

4. Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

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Almost all products of Neutrogena are not fancy and is also not hyped, it never has to be. It has a very clear ingredient list with only necessary ingredients. If you want a very good hydrating soothing calming cleanser, you can go for it. Since we are talking about gentle cleansers, I didn’t bring up its forming formulation in the rank list, but some users say that, even its foaming formula is so gentle and works well for rosacea.

This is a creamy formulation, so dry till combination skin can use it. Their foaming cleanser is also extremely gentle and can be used by oily skin types, even the combination ones.

Foaming formula:



5. Paula’s Choice CALM Ultra-Gentle Cleanser

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I must say this is extremely calming cleanser, which worked very well for rosacea and eczema prone skins as many users agree. Its beautifully formulated with the combination of prebiotic suagrs and triglycerides. A lot of research says prebiotics are far more good than probiotics because prebiotics are just sugars which feed the natural microbe biome present in our skin.

Whereas probiotics are new bacteria which will be in the topical and will get introduced to your skin after application which in some cases may imbalance your skin. Another major problem with probiotics is that, that product may sometimes not worth your penny if it had any sort of preservatives, as preservatives may kill the live bacteria present in it.

As this product is not available in India, the same brand in India provides almost similar cleanser, which works really well even on eczema prone skin. Paula’s Choice RESIST Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser, Green Tea & Chamomile, Anti-Aging Face Wash, Dry Skin.

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6. Minimalist 6% Oat Extract Gentle Face Cleanser

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Omg! I have never seen this good cleanser in my entire life having such high nourishing effects on skin. If you like your skin to feel silky and smooth like half the amount of nourishment you have after a sheet mask, this is your cleanser. It is very affordable, I have placed this on the second part only because you cannot use it every time you wash, unless your skin is extremely dry.

I feel it’s like a pretty overdo for my oily skin, though it doesn’t clog up my pores, it feels a bit heavy post wash like a film sitting on my face but trust me! it is going to give you extraordinary hydration post wash. If you like that, then you will be a minimalist girl or boy.

7. Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser

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You all might know, this is a very popular product and is so good in cleansing your face. A seal of acceptance is awarded for it from National Eczema Association. Its ingredient list is so great and decent and is free from fragrance, overall it is such a great product.

Almost 90% of users are happy with their skin post use but the rest 10% say it is drying out their skin and in some even caused peeling. In skincare industry, it is very difficult to find a gentle cleanser for oily and combination skin types, I think this is the one. Dry skin people can go for cleansers like CeraVe or Cetaphil, if you want a very good budget cleanser, you can go for Minimalist.

All 12 cleansers presented here are almost equal in their performance. I have only ordered them considering mild differences in them like the time it takes to cleanse, fragrance in ingredients, the consistency of the product etc., All the cleansers here, performs almost equally well.

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8. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Face Cleanser

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Oat is an excellent hydrator, it nourishes our skin deep. You may know how an oat paste feel on our skin, if we do a DIY. Because of these properties, oatmeal is the key ingredient in this cleanser. The brand also says it is formulated with prebiotics, which is a very good option considering probiotics together.

A con about this product a lot of users say is its smell, though the brand claims it to be fragrance free, I think the natural smell of oatmeal combined with prebiotics leads to that. One more thing that, it is very watery, so we need to use more product and the massage time also extends to feel that clean fresh face.

9. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Daily Hydrating Facial Gel Cleanser

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A decent face wash, I would say it is not worth that hype but yeah, a decent one. Does nothing else than cleaning your face, since this is a gentle gel formulation with hyaluronic acid as its key ingredient, a lot of users’ complaint on its drying properties and also its fragrance. This face wash is also the one for oily skin types. For extremely oily skin, it would be a gentle boon. I would not recommend it to dry and sensitive skin friends.

I think this hype for this particular product may be due to the water gel the brand has in this range. OMG! I just love it, such a soother for oily and sensitive skin buddies.

10. ETUDE SoonJung pH 6.5 Whip Facial Cleanser

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This Korean brand is pretty famous in countries like America but not that in India. Its again a pretty decent cleanser, the brand claims it to have a whipped cream kind of texture. It is fragrance free i.e. unscented and non-comedogenic. It doesn’t claim to do anything against acne oiliness or conditions like eczema. It is formulated focusing primarily on skin barrier, making it strong and healthier.

Though a very few dry skin people claim it to have some sort of peeling effects and oily skin types find it to be a very decent product.

11. COSRX Low pH Gel Cleanser 

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Again, a Korean skin care product! and a very popular brand. I would say it does its job pretty well, nothing other than that. It doesn’t strip, very mild with over a bit of tea tree oil scent. As mentioned, it is good to use on your morning face with post moisturizer, but it is not going to remove your makeup or sunscreen. Remember to use a makeup removing balm pre cleanser and a good moisturizer post cleanser.

12. Foxtale the Daily Duet Gentle Hydrating Face wash and Makeup Remover

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Foxtale comes last because, I don’t pretty much like it. It suits oily skin and even some sensitive skin but not everyone really. The major reason for it to come last is because, it doesn’t do what it claims to do. It is not that hydrating, it is not gentle on skin, and it is not at all a makeup remover! You can use it as a morning face wash. Extremely oily skin guys can give it a try, I’m just worried since the brand doesn’t claim it to be non-comedogenic. Its better alternative in India would be Chemist at Play Gentle & Hydrating Face Cleanser.

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