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Top 10 Perfect Underarm Roll Ons for this Summer | Glow Regime

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Welcome again to another skincare blog! I recently found how much important is odor control this summer :p and the need for a good underarm roll on. As many of us have, I have also struggled with this problem while finding the best antiperspirant and an odor controlling roll on, which is also budget friendly.

And finally, I’m here with the top 10 of my choices, which I have personally used and found really good this summer. Since these works on summers, of course you can go with these on winters.


I have only suggested products which I have used personally and yielded me good results. I’m not a dermatologist, and these suggestions are in no way a substitute of professional guidance.

#1 Yardley London English Lavender Anti Perspirant Deodorant Roll On

Before all the explanation, I just want to clarify that among hundreds of products in the market, I have picked some and used the products, among that I personally found these 10 products really worth the price and are also budget friendly. So, all the 10 products are equally good.

I have chosen Yardley on #1 because, one common thing i have seen in deodorants is that their fragrance goes off very fast once application, the fragrance is a key thing than the anti perspirants present in them since it controls the odor even when we sweat.

Yardley London has always been recognized for its strong fragrance, but none will cause you headache. Similarly, this lavender variant formulated for women has a very good hold of fragrance and is long lasting.

Not gonna lie, the fragrance does fade only after some 1.5 to 2 hours which is a pretty good time. The brand also claims to fade darkness and build more fairer skin upon usage.

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#2 Minimalist Underarm Roll On

I love a lot of products from Minimalist, this underarm is their new launch and is unisex (unscented). It also has AHAs and BHAs which will exfoliate the area and will reduce darkness for sure upon usage.

When I used it, I felt nothing, like there was no smell, neutral! It will be a boon for those who use perfumes and do not want their deodorant to mix with it and smell like hell.

#3 Chemist at Play UnderArm Roll-On | Royal Oudh Fragrance

If you are a person who concentrated more on the darkness and have no to mild odor, Chemist At Play would be a great option for you. It is formulated so good that you will for sure see visible results in under arm darkness within at least two weeks. This is the only product which comes to my mind when I think of underarm darkness, a dream product I must say.

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I will not say that it totally will not control odor, it does control your order, but will only last 30 to 40 minutes.

#4 Chemist at Play UnderArm Roll-On | Woody Musk Fragrance

#4 is also Chemist at Play, considering how powerful and fast its formulation works on underarm darkness, with a decent control of odor. This doesn’t leave a girly fragrance as the previous one and is unisex.

One best thing about the 5% AHA, Lactic Acid & 1% Mandelic Acid is that this going to be your long-term investment in controlling odor and darkness. I’m sure that you are going to see a permanent improvement in the former things.

#5 L’Oréal Paris Men’S Expert Thermic Resist Clean Cool Fragrance Roll On

And here’s one exclusively for men! there are almost 6 different variants in this range, but what made me select this particular one is the Thermic Resist Technology which it has along with a handsome fresh fragrance which the brand claims to last for the whole day. So, a big thumbs up for this product.

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#6 Rexona Powder Dry Underarm Roll On Deodorant

As I always say, this is my life savior, very budget friendly and a very very good odor control. We all face a major problem with these creamy roll-ons, stickiness! formulated as a thick cream, once applied feels very uncomfortable, wet and sticky right, so we always opt for an underarm stick. On the other hand, a lot of sticks feel heavy on skin like applying a thick layer of Vaseline under there.

For all my people, this would be your solution, as the brand claims, it is of course a powder dry formula. Initially it feels creamy but within 30 seconds to 1 minute, it just fells dry but moisturized.

#7 Be Bodywise 4% AHA BHA Underarm Roll on | Fresh Floral Fragrance 

Again another Unisex (unscented) product. Though unscented, the formulation itself has a good unisex fragrance in it which lasts almost the whole day. If you are a person looking only for odor control for the whole day and want your roll on to be in a good formulation this is the one for you.

Though it has 4% AHA BHA, I basically didn’t see any changes in the darkness even after using the whole bottle. But the fragrance is so subtle and lasts almost the whole day with minimal moves.

#8 Dove Eventone Deodorant Roll On

A famous brand right, priced similar to Rexona underarm roll on. As all of the Dove’s products are infused with moisturizing formulas, so do this. The brand claims to have added ¼ moisturizing cream. This would be perfect for the persons who have peeling, sensitive underarms with rough, more textured skin. And would be a great option for winters.

The brand also claims that this product has 48 hours of long-lasting odor protection, this could only be possible if you are in an airconditioned room the whole day, but practically as a person moving outdoors under sun with minimal moves this lasted me nearly up to 5 to 6 hours which is a pretty good time I would say.

#9 Carmesi Natural Underarm Roll-On | Sweet Summer

I found this out upon a lot of research on a completely natural deodorant roll on but was very much similar to much lower priced Rexona. Even the fragrance vanished within half an hour. I somehow loved this product when not considering its odor controlling properties, like the very sweet subtle natural vanilla coconut fragrance it has, anyone will fall for you, a magical fragrance I must say according to me.

The second point is the moisturizing properties it had, extremely light weight and soothing. When it solely comes to skincare, I would blindly choose it. Another best part is, it would really go well with natural fragrances like wood, aqua especially but not with floral. It can also used by men.

#10 PLIX – THE PLANT Fix Pineapple Odour Control Underarm Roll-on

I have already used the pomegranate peeling solution from PLIX, I just loved it, it helped me with textured skin and open pores, and made me buy the second bottle. So, with high hopes I brought this underarm roll on from PLIX, it just made my hopes come true. I thought the smell would be really strong, but it was so much subtle and has a whole scent like a tropical burst.

You will only notice the pineapple scent when you are very conscious otherwise it’s just a whole tropical fragrance, but yes, the pineapple scent does exist, so I do not know how many of you are going to like it, that is why its o #10.

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The best thing I noticed in it was, it an all-rounder, it controls odor for more time like 6 to 7 hours. It was very soothing, you can go with this post razor, I found it visibly reducing post razor bumps and it was also exfoliating with 5% Lactic Acid and 1% Mandelic Acid, works well on dark pigmented underarms.

#11 Salve Sweat Go Antiperspirant & Antisweat Deodorant Roll-On | Lavender Fragrance

Salve Sweat Go is a not so popular brand but a lot my friends have tried it and for one, it was also recommended by their dermatologist. So, I thought why not give it a try. The eye-catching thing this brand claims is that it’s an Antiperspirant & Antisweat Deodorant. T

he former was fine, but I was confused about the later promise. How could a deodorant be anti-sweat? Upon research I found that it has some ingredients which temporarily blocks your pores, and your glands are not going to produce sweat.

Practically, that happened with me but was only for like 1 to 2 hours, so this would be a great option if you are going to attend a ceremony for 1 to 2 hours and you do not want to smell bad. This is not going to cause any harm, since the clogging power is not going to last long and is also advised to wash your underarms once you are done with the function.

For those who are scared, it’s just like the makeup you wear on your face, waterproof makeup does clog your pores and should be removed properly once you are done right, same goes with this.

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