extremely dry skin
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Extremely Dry Sensitive Skin: How to Build a Personalized Skin Care Regime? | Glow Regime

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extremely dry skin

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We all are very familiar with the oily skin products, common problems they face, actives to be included in their regime etc., Dry skin, according to me is a very versatile and subjective topic, especially when sensitive part is added to it. Since I did a lot of research, I mean it, a looot! I used it on my skin as well as my mom, to see if the result varies, tried a lot of products especially the products designed for extremely dry cum sensitive skin.

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There are a wide range of products formulated, but coming to the products that really work, there are only few. If you have a question on me, why specially focusing on sensitive? because, these products are so gentle that both sensitive and non-sensitive dry skinned people can use it. Before all of this make sure to learn the do’s and don’ts for sensitive skin.

Sensitive Irritated Skin: Skincare, Do’s and Don’ts

So, Glow Regime is now presenting you the Complete skincare regime for extremely dry sensitive skin.


Top 12 Gentle Cleansers for Supple Soft Skin | Glow Regime

Yeah, this may sound basic, but I couldn’t find any best face wash so far than the Cetaphil and CeraVe one. May be the third place goes to Minimalist oatmeal cleanser. I love these cleansers, considering how gently and effortlessly they take of our surface dirt and residual makeup left even after using a makeup remover.

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

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Cetaphil Face Wash

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Minimalist 6% Oat Extract Gentle Face Cleanser

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Though you need to massage a while, for it to start working, I would say it is worth to do so. All the cleansers works very well when sensitivity comes as a important factor along with dry skin.


I found a wide variety of calming toners which are formulated really good. But I would suggest you guys to go for thermal water from Avene and Uriage, they are really good.

Avene Thermal Water 

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Uriage Thermal Water 

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We can of course level up your dry skin from moisturizer and serum, but if you feel that you really want a hydrating toner for times your skin is not sensitive, I have found 3 best hydrating toners which even works dual, as a calming and hydrating product formulated for sensitive skin types.

Haruharu [Wonder] Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner 

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numbuzin No.3 Super Glowing Essence Toner

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[ Pyunkang Yul ] Essence Toner

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This is the personalized part, a lot of dry skinned people may deal with aging, acne or hyperpigmentation, tanning etc., For pigmentation, you can go for a well formulated Vitamin C serum or a Brightening cream which contains agents like niacinamide, kojic acid, alpha arbutin etc., This also works well for aging skin by tightening it.

[DearKlairs] Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

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Truskin Naturals 2% Vitamin C-Plus All-In-One Serum

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Cipla VC 15 Vitamin C Serum

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If acne is your problem, make sure all the products you use are non-comedogenic and include non-drying anti acne actives like Niacinamide, Tea Tree Oil and salicylic acid in moderation. You can also try cream-based formulas having retinols in your night skin care regime. “It is important to start with one treatment at a time,” says a board-certified dermatologist, Charlotte Birnbaum. So, start with any one.

The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane

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Paula’s Choice RESIST Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum

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Trust me when I say this, when dry acne comes on screen, Tea Tree Oil is going to be a game changer! Slow but Strong. In US Brooklyn Botany Tea Tree Essential Oil is a really good option and for India Alps Goodness Tea Tree Essential Oil is a really good budget friendly option.

How to Build a Personalized AM and PM Skin Care Regime for Oily Skin? | Glow Regime


When it comes to extremely dry skin, using emulsions help more than a moisturizer. There are great emulsions available in The Face Shop, Etude, It’s Skin Collagen. Coming to pharmacy skincare Emolene is a great great option available if you are on a budget. Emulsions do not make your skin greasy or oily, it just works a level up than a moisturizer and gives a nice bounce to our skin.

The Face Shop Rice & Ceramide Moisturizer Emulsion

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It’s Skin Collagen Nutrition Emulsion

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ETUDE Moistfull Collagen Facial Emulsion

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Emolene Cream

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If you are a person who loves thick creamy moisturizers, Bioderma has a very good range of moisturizers, especially sebium hydra is such a good creamy moisturizer. You also have Nutriderm moisturizer which is so light weight but thick.

Bioderma – Sébium – Hydra Skincare

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NEUTRIDERM Moisturising Lotion

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No matter what, especially when you include actives in your skin care (preferably in night regime), a SPF should be applied the next morning. Go for SPF more than or atleast 50. I personally love the Derma Co 1% Hyaluronic Acid Sunscreen or Cetaphil Sheer Liquid Sunscreen for my face and the Wish Care Sunscreen for my body, all of which do not have any white cast and has a great protection factor.

If you prefer a mousse like sunscreen which just acts like a primer, I suggest you go for Re’Equil, such a brilliant formulation I would say. Unfortunately, this brand is not available in US, a similar alternative I have found for you is Supergoop!, almost similar I would say.

For reapplication, a sunscreen spray from any good brand or sunscreen sticks would go very well. I will not suggest you to go for trending sunscreen powders as they do not give you the required protection.

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