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Brilliant Oil Alternatives – Weight Loss Diet

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oil alternatives

Oil Alternatives

It’s been a while since we talked about health and fitness, both on veg and nonveg diet plans, we see trainers giving 0 oil diet and people find it difficult to eat and also the lack of taste is hell. A lot of research says, it is completely fine to take oil unless you are diagnosed cholesterol and similar discomforts.

But for those who are on weight loss? yeah, you can absolutely take oil but in limited quantity. For those who fear to take these oils in their food, I have brilliant oil alternatives in hand which are more natural and healthier options, most diet influencers and coaches fail to say you. Let’s get started.

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Should I use Oil while Cooking if I’m on a Weight Loss Diet?

Without asking this question to yourself or on a browser, a lot of us decide “No” and it shouldn’t be like that. Oil is a very important part of our cooking culture, be it any form from olive, coconut to sesame, they all have certain nutrients and can for sure be taken, but the quantity matters here.

You can have up to 2 tablespoon of oil (any) per day and that’s completely okay.

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What Oils to Take while on a Diet?

coconut oil

For cooking, if you consider the accessibility, coconut and olive oil are the best oils for weight loss. Remember not to heat olive oil too much, since it breaks down and loses its flavor, whereas coconut oil can even be used for deep frying.

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Best Alternative for Oils?

If you prefer air fryer and non-stick cookware, where you can cook with 0 oil, but you want some sort of healthier version where you get their same whole nutrients or its flavor, I have a brilliant option for you.

Oils are added as the very first step of cooking whereas my options would be added as the very last step of cooking. It’s their whole forms, I wouldn’t say its inaccessible but yeah, whenever you get time to go to our farmers market and get some fresh coconut, olives and sesame, just immediately do it.

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How to Infuse Oils in its Natural Forms in your Food?

Starting from coconuts, just take some grated coconuts and add it to very hot just cooked meal which is taken off from the stove and give it a good mix. The natural oil and flavor of coconut just gets infused in the meal because of the heat present there. Same goes with the olives, if you couldn’t grate, cut them into very small pieces as much as you can. Trust me, coconuts tastes heaven.

Coming to nuts and seeds like almonds, sesame and more, if small like sesame you can add it directly about 1/2 to 1 tablespoon and if big like almonds, just break it into small pieces or give one pulse in your mixer (about 3 to 4 almonds) and that’s it, add it to your salad or veggies and you are done.

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If you rest your food for 5 to 10 minutes and eat you can experience the flavor of their oil infused in your meal. A positive point here is that, along with the good fat here, you will also get their other nutrients like fiber and some protein present in them since they are in their whole forms.

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