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Full Blast FAQs on Cleansers and its Types: Top 20 | Glow Regime


1. What is a face wash?

Face wash is basically a cleansing liquid which may or may not foam. It dissolves both water soluble substances and makes oil soluble substances like dirt, sebum and oil-based makeups into water soluble form.

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2. How often should I wash my face in a day?

It is advised to wash your face twice a day, once in morning and once in evening, it also depends on your skin type and the climate you are in, oily skins can go for upto 3 washes a day and dry skin can even cut off their morning wash.

3. How should I choose a cleanser for oily skin?

Go for foaming cleanser, which is also soap free and pH balanced. Make sure the cleanser does not strip off your face. You can also go for one having active ingredients like salicylic, glycolic, lactic, any AHAs and BHAs but make sure their concentration is less than 2%.

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4. How should I choose a cleanser for dry skin?

Go for gentle cleansers which is again soap free, and pH balanced, gentle cleansers come up with inbuilt moisturizing agents like glycerin, ceramides, petrolatum, coco and shea butter. If you have extremely dry skin, you can also opt for cleansers with natural moisturizers like coconut, jojoba, olive oil etc.,

5. What type of face wash should I use for sensitive skin?

Don’t go for face washes containing actives, alcohols, or fragrance as it may irritate the skin. For a gentle face wash or a good micellar water which only has moisturizing agents and is also pH balanced. Generally, a good micellar water works really well for sensitive skin.

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6. How should I choose a cleanser for combination skin?

If you guys want to maintain your skin properly, get 2 kinds of cleansers, a gentle one and a foaming one or go for a foaming one and a good micellar water. On mornings and times when your skin is less oily, go for gentle cleansers or micellar water and on times when you have oily skin, go for foaming face washes.

7. Should I wash my face with hot or cold water?

Using hot water on your face may strip of natural moisturizers and oils present on the skin and may turn your skin dry and irritated, so avoid using hot water on your face. On the other hand, cold water will not help to dissolve the dirt and sebum on your skin. Only use cold water if you already have a clean face and want to do something for increasing blood circulation. On other times use normal or luke warm water.

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8. I have oily skin, can I use an oil cleanser?

No, oily skin should stay away from oil based cleansers like balm, as this may clog your skin even more and cause problems like milia, black and whiteheads. Use micellar water instead.

9. Is it worth buying face washes with actives like brightening ingredients?

No, brightening ingredients like kojic acid, vitamin c, niacinamide, glycolic and lactic acid may give a immediate brightening effect post face wash on your skin, but what about the long-term effect? It is not going to do anything, there are 2 reasons behind it. The first, is the concentration of these actives in the face wash is very low and the second is the period of time it is going to sit on your face, that is very small hence very less effect.

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10. Can I use moong dal, besan and rice flours on my face as cleansers?

Though there is no evidence in science about using these powders as cleansers, a lot of notes are there in our ancient ayurvedic skin care about these powder cleansers. Before using these powders, know their characteristics. Moong dal powder, especially green can be used both from dry to oily skin. Rice and besan tends to dry out our skin, so should only be used by the oiler skins, extremely oily skins and dry skins should avoid it. Make sure the powder you use is very fine.


11. Why are the actives in my face wash not at all working on my skin?

We have discussed this earlier, under question 9.

12. I wash my face only with plain water, is it fine?

No, any kind of skin can attract dust, dirt and produce oils called sebum, even if its dry skin. So, wash your face atleast with a very gentle cleanser at bedtime.

13. I stay indoors, should I still use my cleanser and wash my face?

Yes, but you can reduce the frequency, you need not use cleanser on early morning after you wake up, plain water would be enough. Before bed, you should wash your face using a gentle cleanser, because as said above on Q. 12, our skin produces several oil-like products including sebum and salts. This in turn can attract dust and dirt even if you are indoor.

14. What should be the pH of a cleanser?

The pH of our skin is between 4.7 to 5.7 which is slightly acidic to neutral. So, you can choose a facewash anywhere between 4.5 to 6. This pH can generally be achieved by soap free and gentle cleansers. But yes, some foaming cleansers are also there in these pH.

15. Can I double cleanse my face every day?

If you are a person staying indoors, you can avoid double cleansing. But this method can be used by anybody to achieve good skin, the only tricky part here is to find the right products which suit your skin. Double cleansing is a technique where you cleanse your face first with an oil-based cleanser to dissolve sebum and other oils plus your heavy sunscreen and makeup. And then you follow it up with a regular cleanser.

This can be done by anyone without oily skin, instead of cleansing oil, oily skins can go for micellar water.

16. Can I use micellar water as my cleanser?

Micellar water acts as a good cleanser, it helps in removing both oil soluble and water soluble dirts from our skin. If you have a irritated skin barrier or dry skin, you can go for micellar water as your regular cleanser.

17. Can I use a regular soap for washing my face?

No, normal soap has an alkaline pH level above 7, which when used will change the pH of your face and cause breakouts. Use soaps, only if you are prescribed by your dermatologist. If you really want to use a soap bar, go for moisturizing soaps, which has moisturizers like glycerin. Their pH lies between 5 to 7. Or use a syndet, which looks like soap and cleans your face without drying it.

18. I am 40+, how should I choose a cleanser for aging skin?

You can go for a very mild gentle cleansers like Minimalist oatmeal cleanser and Cetaphil cleanser. Remember to incorporate retinol and Vitamin C in your skincare, add lots of moisturizing agents, don’t forget your sunscreen. Thats what is going to help delay aging, a face wash has no role in delaying your aging, yet use a gentle one.

19. Can I use face washes which comes with scrubbing particles?

It is better to avoid these kind of face washes as these scrubs may cause minute tears in skin and sometimes lead to pigmentation. Though it may suit some skin, a lot of us will get bad results. So, rather than going into physical exfoliation, go for chemical exfoliators like salicylic and lactic acids. Start from mild concentrations.

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20. Are face cleaning tools worth investing?

Not really, the results given by these tools after 2 minutes of their usage can be given by a good gentle 5-minute massage. If you really run of time and are ready to invest such high amounts in these products, you can go for a good, branded tool. Other than that, a good physical hand massage will give you exactly the same results.

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