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Easy Ways To Get Into Shape | 3 Body Types | Glow Regime

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How To Get into shape? | body type | way of training | dietary management | glow regime

How To Get into shape?

Getting into a shape in a month is possible, but it should be accompanied by discipline, consistency and hard work. Or if you have a good amount of time in hand, work slowly but consistently and achieve the result easily, but trust us, with few basic excercises you can can get into a shape and maintain that shape thought out your life eating what ever you want or like! sounds magic, but its real.

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Before we start, you should for sure have some basic knowledge about body shapes and analyse your body shape, since the workouts or diet may vary according to your body shape and also your metabolism rate for sure.

get into a shape




Ectomorphs are generally lean with narrow shoulders and look taller. They have very hight metabolic rate and as a result less muscle mass. At least once in lifertime, you may have wondered seeing someone that why do they look lean even after eating a tonn of food, yes they are ectomorphs! and the reason is their metabolim. Ectomorphs may look lean after eating a lot of junk but remember, still their body is geting unhealtheir.

Way Of Training

Instead of cardio, doing weight training will help you a lot. Most of thetraining should consist of compound movements such as squats, bench press, shoulder press, dead lift etc., with a certified coach. Rest of 2 to 3 mins between each set is necessary. And as said everytime, for all your excercises to work well, atleast 8 hours sleep is mandatory, so you can get into a shape easily.

Dietary Management

In order to bulid muscle mass, increasing calorie intake and protein would help. As these peoplehave high metabolic rate than average, natural protein sources wouldn’t be enough, even if taken more would add up your carbohydrates intake. Taking a good whey protein, cassein will for sure do wonders along with some workout.

Coming to natural foods, egg whites, any kind of dals especially green grams, tofu, panner, soya beans and chunks can be taken with good amount of carbs.


Endomorphs are people with a normal body weight, height and metabolism. If taken more calorie than required, they will gain weight and if calorie intake falls, they will end up loosing some muscle. Endomorphs should be very conscious on their diet than training, since a simple change in their diet for 2 or 3 days can can easily change their looks. But for them, to get into a shape is very easy.

Way Of Training

Equal cardio and weight training can be done but not together. You can do some cardio for like half an hour in mornings and weight training in evenings. High intensity interval workouts [HIIT] 2 to 3 times per week for a maximum of 30 mins per session is optimal. Resistance training 3 times per week with low weight can be done. If you prefer to do only with body weight, you can go for high rep range. One rest day per week is mandatory for faster recovery. Key point for all your excercises to work is sleeping for 7 – 8 hours at night!

Dietary Management

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Diet should be something to be taken proper care of. Make sure you are eating a balenced diet with calories somewere between 2000 to 2500 to get into a good shape. If you are not much into workouts, normal protein intake is fine else, takking a protein suppliment (whey protein is recomended) would help. Have lots of greens, lean proteins like tofu and soya chunks if you are planning on a weight loss diet. Having lots of infused water or sugarless vegitable jucies would also help.

If you are planning on a weight gain diet, get some good fat lik egg yolk, milk and nuts like cashew, almonds, walnuts etc., Incorporarting 300ml of nuts milkshake everyday as breakfast would help you a lot. You should soak some cashews, walnuts, almonds, dates and rasins in water overnight, next morning filter them out and blend it with milk (without sugar), tadaa! your simple go to milkshake with lots of calories is done. You can also add coco powder or custard powder for flavour.


Mesomorphs are people with very less metabolic rate. You can see them gainging weight within a week if they eat a burger daily. They usually have broader shoulders, huge waist and hip region with more fat deposition. They can be seen having nearly equal muscle and fat mass, since all the food they eat are deposited as fat mostly. They tend to get tired easily and loosing weight would be a big concern for lot of them.

Way Of Training

A change cannot be done overnight. It is okay even if it takes 6 months or so, be consistend and keep up discipline, you will for sure see changes. We know, 6 months is huge! but The shape you will achieve can be maintained with simple workouts. A balanced regimen of both cardio and weight training is recomended. Resistance training for 3 to 4 days in a week with 8 to 12 reps can be done. To prevent further fat gain, you should perform cardiovascular excercises at least 30 mins for 3 days a week.

Dietary Management

Generally 2500 cal is adviced for a human with normal metabolic rate. If you are into weight loss, taking 2000 cal along with workouts will go well. Even with less intense workouts you can get perfect body shape, it just requires time but make sure to take in right calories and right food

Be it any body shape, you look awsome! More than anybody else, have or build trust in yourself. Selfconfidence is the one which will make you unique, whatever you are, in a crowd.

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