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Skin Lightening – 10 Products That Actually Work

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Summer is going on, and I know that I’m late in this article, just gave you some time to get tanned :p I already have a post a year ago on suntan and pigmentation, skin lightening products to remove that. This is going to be an updated article with new products and techniques.

I honestly don’t have anything more for the intro on this topic so let’s gets started.

#10 O3+ Facialist Dtan Face Sheet Mask With Niacinamide

O3+ D-Tan Clean Up Peel Scrub, Mask and Cleanser Kit

I used this with zero expectations, the whole night and finally the next morning, what impressed me more than detanning was the glow. OMG! I have used sheet masks but this literally stands out of all in a lot of ways. I felt half of my tan was gone and the glow was infinite, it lasted for almost 2 to 3 days.

The only reason I have made it #10 is its accessibility and usage, since it’s a one-time use sheet mask, and to remove your tan 100%, you have to use it at least 3 to 4 times and it’s just going to make you buy more product ultimately spending lot of your money.

But if you have a party the next day and you need an overnight therapy giving that red-carpet glow and maximum reduction of tan, this is the one for you. Since I could find in on the UK amazon, for my international audience, I have a complete De-Tan clean up kit from O3+.


#9 Sunscreen (SPF)

The Derma Co 1% Hyaluronic Sunscreen SPF 50 Aqua Gel, PA++++

Re’equil Ultra Matte Dry Touch Sunscreen

Happier Ultralight Sunscreen Gel 3 in 1 SPF 50 PA++++

Skincare and the techniques to lighten your skin actually depends on your lifestyle. You can only reverse your age-old tan by making changes in your lifestyle and of course it takes time. For example, if your tan has been built on your skin for 3 to 4 years, it will at least take 1 year to 100% reverse your natural skin back.

absolutely you will see an improvement in your skin tone within a month, but that’s just a baby step which is going to give you some happiness. On prolonged usage, I swear you will get your baby skin back, eternal happiness, right?

In this way, I experimented almost 30 different sunscreens and found top 3 budget friendly ones. First, is DermaCo 1% Hyaluronic acid SPF, second and third respectively are Re’equil Ultra matt and Happier. All three are completely different and should be used on different occasions and timings of the day. It also depends if you are indoor or outdoor, to know about these sunscreens in detail, read my article on Top 10 Sunscreens and How to Choose the Right Sunscreen for your Skin Type? | Glow Regime

#8 Minimalist 10% Niacinamide Face Serum

Minimalist 5% Niacinamide Face Serum

This is a great serum from great brand. One thing which made me buy niacinamide from Minimalist is the base that they use, ALOEVERA GEL. All other brands just mention base or use things like glycerin which do not help in soothing skin, especially when it comes to a 10% product.

The formulation of this product is pure magic, other than aloe gel, they have also used other soothing agents to calm your skin down. I started with a 2% niacinamide and went to 5%, which also work very well on my oily skin. But the 10% product, irrespective of the formulation, made me purge and the purging continued till the last drop of the product and also, I became very algetic to sweat.

But it worked exactly opposite for my sister and my mom, it helped them reduce tanning way faster than other serums like vitamin c when combined with proper SPF. Also, it gave me no allergies or purging when used on my neck, hands and legs.

So, this is a great product if your skin finds it good when patch testing else, if it is like me, you can stick to a good 2-5% niacinamide serum from the same brand which works exactly same as the 10% one.

#7 Kojivit Ultra Gel

First of all, this is not a gel, it’s a cream and is suitable for all skin types, works well on dry skin without drying. This has every lightening agent starting from niacinamide, glycolic and kojic acid to tocopheryl acetate, a form of vitamin e. Skin soothing agents like allantoin and even some natural antioxidants like mulberry and licorice extract.

This has been my savior when I go out and cannot carry a lot of products for tanning and works like magic when paired with vitamin c at night. Remember whatever lightening products you use, may it be for tan, hyperpigmentation, acne scars etc., try to use them at night for maximum benefits.

#6 Wild Organic Dead Sea Mud Clay Powder

Once on a keen to experiment, I ordered this dead sea mud since I have oily skin thinking it would clean up my pores when used once a week after a good steam. As said, I followed the same procedure and applied this mask, left it for about 3 to 4 minutes and washed it off.

After one use, I saw very much visible difference in my skin, I know there is no way that any skin would lighten after a 4-minute skincare. But I felt a very good refreshment and a small difference in my tan and the pimple scar which I had.

So, I continuously used it for a week and yes! as I thought it actually did reduce my tan to a great extent within a week. The reason I mentioned the exact brand on the heading is because, I have used the same brand and I do not know how mud clays from other brands work.

No matter what brand, if you are sure that the clay is 100% pure, you can go for dead sea mud powder from any trusted brand.

#5 Tretinoin

Foxtale 0.15% Beginner Friendly Retinol Night Serum

The Ordinary Highly-Stable, Water-Free Solution of 0.5% Pure Retinol In Squalane

Disclaimer: The information I have shared is for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice: the content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

More potent forms of retinoids starting from tretinoin to tazarotene needs a prescription. Retinoids generally are not for pregnant or breastfeeding moms and people with medical skin conditions.

Actually, tretinoin should go 1st on my list, the only reason for keeping it 4th is the prescription which you need for buying this and the second reason is the time it takes. There are different forms of retinoids available in the market. Forms like retinol do not need any medical prescription, whereas one like tretinoin and tazarotene need one.

If you are a beginner or are below 20, your skin would still be very much active, so you can go for any retinols like the one from Foxtale and The Ordinary. Once you go somewhere near 25 and find it’s the right time to start anti-ageing skincare, go see a professional and ask for a tretinoin and incorporate it in your skincare regime.

Tretinoin should be started from low concentration, and one must know their pre and post cares, if not known and not followed, it may permanently worsen your skin, so to know more on tretinoin visit,

Tretinoin works like turtle, extremely slow. It would of course take a year to show complete results and for the initial 3 months you also have to go through purging seeing the worse skin of your life and should also be aware of skincare for purging. But, after a year, you will start seeing what people call in social media – THE GLASS SKIN!

The glow, the texture and the skin without any tan or pigmentation, will look unbelievable, trust me!

#4 Glyco 12 Cream

Glyco 6 Cream

This is an Indian pharmacy product and I got recently introduced to this product. This is a 12% glycolic acid cream; we all know how good glycolic and lactic acid is in removing tan and pigmentation. But since this is pretty concentrated, I used it on my elbows and toes and was able to see a very good result after a month.

Even if you are used to high strength skincare, I would suggest you use this for your body tan and if you very badly want a glycolic acid cream for your face tan, there is another option from the same brand with 6% glycolic acid called Glyco6, you can start with that after a patch test.

#3 Deconstruct 10% Vitamin C Face Serum

TruSkin Vitamin C Face Serum

This is a budget Vitamin c serum to die. After using up two whole bottles, my mind went to try a new vit c serum and I, upon seeing the reviews and ingredient list ended up in Derma Co serum, but to my bad luck it didn’t work that well for me. To be honest, it did nothing on my face, that when I realized how good this serum was and I ultimately brought the third bottle.

Yes, it does take some time, Rome was not built in day, right? Not only tan, but a good vitamin c will also reduce your pigmentation, improves skin texture, triggers cell turnover, reduces inflammation and as said, its exfoliation will help you in reducing skin tan too. A best alternative to deconstruct for international audience would be Truskin which is also good but on a expensive side.

#2 PLIX – THE PLANT FIX 25% AHA+ 2% BHA + 5% PHA Pomegranate Peeling Potion 

Yes, this is a strong peeling potion, and I would not recommend it to beginners, before using do not forget to do a patch test. I will always keep it overnight since my skin tolerates this high strength, but if you are trying it new, just keep it for 15 to 20 minutes or less for your first few times and increase the duration.

The exfoliation and the glow it gives you just after one use is literally unbelievable. Do not use it every other day, I would suggest you to go for once a week, because still now, even after completing 2 bottles I’m using it only once a week.

Not only this, but every high strength also peel you use, you should mandatorily give at least 5 days gap between your use. Using them daily will only cause lot worse than good to your skin.

#1 Dr. Sheth’s Liquorice & 8.8% Lactic Acid (AHA) Chemical Peel

It’s been on my top 1 since a lot of years, whenever I get tanned or need some skin lightening, my mind would think of this the next second. It is a gel, which will not feel greasy or even heavy on your skin, but I would recommend you to apply it evenly like a moisturizer not like a thick mask. Both these methods will anyways give you the same results, with second method using lot more product.

Your skin can only take a certain product, it also has a saturation point. You can see visible results just after 2 uses, eventually you will also get rid og your tan. One disadvantage of this product is that, since it is a gel based one, I do not know how comfortably it would sit on dry and extremely dry skin. But no worries, you have 9 more options!

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