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Hey there, this is DHANUSHREE, this blog primarily focuses on skin care, fitness and lifestyle. I am an individual blogger as well as a student. I love skin care and i m doing this as my hobby. I researched a lot on skin and hair care since my 7th grade because of all those pimples I had and some how managed to find a lot of remedies, both natural and online beauty products, for pimples, uneven skin, blackheads, whiteheads, open pores, dandruff, hairfall and lot more. I really felt that I want to help out other girls and boys struggling with the same, so started a blog as this would be the best place to reach out a lot of people. I m also a affiliate, meaning I would get a affiliate commission from every products you buy from my sugessions from this blog and I have suggested many products which I have personally used and yeilded me good results. All opinions and evaluations in this blog are based on my own experiences. As a last note I would love to hear from you guys if my content helped you to solve your problems on dhanu@glowregime.com. Dont forget to follow me for many more updates on this niche.