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Healthy Nails & Cuticles: Top 7 Products and Home Remedies | Glow Regime

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cuticle care

Nail is a well-known topic, coming to the cuticle, you will see a clear layer of skin at the bottom edge of your nail which is also called nail bed. What is it for? It is present in order to protect your newly growing nails from infections caused by bacteria and fungus.

Can we Cut Cuticles?

So, we get to know that it is basically a protective mechanism present there, a question here arises whether to cut the cuticles or not, right? Yes, you can cut your cuticles, but not too deep. You may see the edge of your cuticles get wavy and look dead, that part can be cut off, if it gets deep, the edge of your nail may look open and will also get prone to fungal and bacterial infections.

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Can we push back our cuticles?

Yes, this is considered way better option than cutting the cuticles but should only be performed by professionals as this also may make your nail bed unhealthier and prone to infections.

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Best Home Remedy to Care your Cuticles

I’m not getting it too long, just water! Yeah, Trust me just water is going to miracles to your cuticles. Get some warm water with or without soap, soak your fingers for at least 10 minutes to 15 minutes. If you suspect earlier symptoms of infections like itching add some salt and antiseptics like Dettol.

The about process may make your fingers and cuticles dry (Do it once in 2 weeks), so you should moisturize your cuticles after that. Do not oil your cuticles directly after soaking your hands. Oil is an occlusive and will not help to get your cuticles moisturized, it will help only to seal moisture.

So, apply a good moisturizer which you use for your face, give a good massage and top it up with oil. Thats it, you have a healthy cuticle!

Cuticle Oil

Coming to the cuticle oil, I found a lot of you especially even I was somewhere then confused what oils to use for cuticle. We see a lot of people saying coconut oil is the only oil proved to penetrate our hair shaft, which is comparatively very smaller than the cuticle edge, so by this we can conclude coconut oil will penetrate our nail bed and nourish us.

From the above concept, we should first see the molecular size of oil before their nourishing properties, other natural oils like jojoba oil have size very similar to coconut and can get deep into our skin. Famous oils like sweet almond oil, has a very big molecular size and can stay closer to the surface and help nourish our top damaged barrier.

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Cuccio Naturalé Milk & Honey Cuticle Revitalizing Oil

I would say, go for cuticle oils available in our market from good brands as they may have a mix of oils which is especially good for your cuticles. It would have a good ratio of big and small molecular oils to nourish both your outer bed and inner layers.

Massage Cream

It can be a cream or balm depending on your requirements and dryness. Lemon butter is an extraordinary ingredient for your cuticles, inspired by Lush’s Lemony Flutter, this butter is thick, intensely moisturizing, and perfect for dry cuticles and unhappy skin.

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream 

All the above can be done to improve the normal existing cuticles, what if you had done pushing and clipping cuticle and ended up in a disaster? So now your cuticles are damaged, and the barrier got inflamed, it needs healing. I will also suggest you a healing lotion or cream, but here is a disclaimer! This can only be done if you have very minimal damage and is not the substitute of medical advice, in case of severe cuticle or nail bed damage, you must see a qualified professional ASAP.

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Onsen Secret Cuticle Serum

Coming to the healing side, more than a cream or an oil, using serum would be a better option, this conditioner claims to show complete results in 2 weeks. Oils in serum, would be formulated in a way it could reach its maximum depth and will also provide maximum benefits.

Are Instant Cuticle Removers good?

Yes, as it sounds, it is not that hash, though before buying, checking the label should be mandatory. For a well-groomed nail and cuticle, instant cuticle removers can be used. If you think your cuticles are very hard and look so deformed and dull, that may be due to dead skin build up, using a cuticle remover or dissolver here is going to help you to get rid of the dead skin cells in seconds.

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover

This remover as far as I have seen works really well in the market, do not use this if you have damaged or irritated cuticles or if you already have a soft cuticle.

Weak Brittle Nails and Cuticles?

For lot of us, nails and cuticles may be very soft, very weak may be due to improper maintenance. Even when sometimes your dead nails grow out, it will be very much malleable, and you will find it very thing. Cuticles may be extremely dry and wavy but when cut will be painful. These are the symptoms of weak nails on a whole.

For you to get thick glossy nails, you have to maintain it on a regular basis starting from soaking it once in 2 weeks and using at least a cuticle repair serum. For brittle nails, there are nail strengtheners available which will not only help in healthy nails and cuticles but will also help in maximum nail growth. I will here suggest you 2 of my favorite nail strengtheners.

Spirularin Nail Serum

This is a great nail serum to regrow damaged nails and it also comes along with added microbial protection. Unfortunately, this is not available in the Indian market but there are similar great alternatives like the one from Sally Hanser again and another from Wipness. Since I have mentioned Sally Hanser products a lot, please do not think it a paid promotion, if so, I would have mentioned it in the very beginning. I genuinely love their products and especially their ingredient list! hence mentioned.

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Strengthener

100% Natural Nail Serum for Damaged, Cuticle Care

One thing I liked about this product is its ingredient list, very simple and neat. I could find that it’s an all-rounder. It has all good moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, and it has repairing ingredients and it also has antibacterial ingredients both natural like neem and artificial which was really good, must say a great alternative to sally in India!

Hoof Hard As Nail Strengthening Cream

If you are looking a repairing cream instead of a liquid serum, this product from Hard and Hoof goes very well.

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