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Complete Weight loss Diet Plan #Vegetarian and 6 Eye-opening tips

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Complete South Indian Weight loss Diet Plan #Vegetarian

Weight loss

Glow Regime now presents you with sample weight loss diet plan exclusively for our vegetarian friends! Yeah, following a vegetarian diet is difficult since finding natural protein sources is hard and if you take required proteins via natural sources, there are a lot of chances that you may go high on carbs. Being vegetarian, you should be highly conscious on your diet if you are on a weight loss journey. We heard you! to give you a idea on diet, here is a sample weight loss plan.

This plan is designed and calorie calculated for a weight group of 70 to 85 kgs (unisex), it will be very useful if you are a beginner and want to start your weight loss journey without any protein powders. Using a good protein powder is not a sin, it will help you even more to reach your destination quick. But, for those who have budget constrains, this diet is going to be a boon. Remember, it is not mandatory for you to be very strict on your diet, going 150 to 200 cal less or more than the previous day is a normal thing.


Monday – Thursday

Early MorningGreen Tea – 100mlBlack Coffee – 100mlGreen Tea – 100mlBlack Coffee – 100ml
BreakfastIdli – 3 Nos Sambar – 70gm
Raw Carrot – 50gm
Ragi Dosa – 2 Nos
Sambar – 70gm
Cucumber – 100gm
Oats Porridge – 150ml
Banana – 100gms
Phulka / Chappati – 2 Nos
Panner Masala – 100gm
Mid MorningApple – 100gmBanana – 100gmABC Juice – 100mlRaw Carrot – 100gm
LunchRice – 150gm
Sambar/Rasam Soya Chunks – 50gm
Mixed Veg Rice – 200gm
Curd – 150gm
Rice + Rasam – 150gms
Soya Chunks – 50gms
Dal Rasam – 200gm
Curd – 150gm
EveningBoiled Green Gram – 150gmBoiled Green Peas – 100gmBoiled Channa – 100gmBoiled Rajma – 100gm
DinnerChappati – 2 Nos
Panner Masala – 100gm
Idli – 2 Nos
Panner Masala – 100gm
Vermicelli – 150gm
Mixed Vegetables – 100gm
Wheat Rava Upma – 150gm
Vegetables – 100gm
Bed TimeMilk – 150mlAlmonds – 4 Nos
Raisins – 5 Nos
Milk – 150mlBanana – 100gm


  1. Never ever skip your breakfast, it may make your health worse, learn why?
  2. A decent plant based protein powders are not only for body builders and weight trainers, they can also be consumed by every other normal people as our Indian diet lacks a lot of protein.
  3. Excercises are not only ment to do in the mornings, they can be done during any time of the day, just make sure you do it atleast 3 hrs post meal.
  4. Do not starve to loose weight, weight loss can be done with proper diets and simple excercises. For customized diet plans and excercises contact GlowRegime Fitify.
  5. If you feel sore, then you have been trained the right way.
  6. It’s actually a myth that women bulk up like men, when they workout a lot. Only the muscles that get firm and taut. Wondering how the female body builders look the same! It only happens if you take external hormonal injections.

Friday – Sunday

Early MorningGreen Tea – 100mlBlack Coffee – 100mlGreen Tea – 100ml
BreakfastIdli – 2 Nos
Sambar – 70gm
Raw Carrot – 50gm
Oats – 50gm + Milk – 100mlChappathi – 2 Nos
Any Masala – 50gm
Raw Carrot – 50gm
Mid MorningApple – 100gmCucumber – 100gmAsh Gaurd Juice – 150ml
LunchRice – 150gm
Sambar – 70gm
Soya Chunks – 70gm
Veg Pulao – 200gm
Curd – 70gm
Mushroom Briyani – 200gm
EveningBoiled Green Gram – 100gmBoiled Channa – 100gmBoiled Rajma – 100gm
DinnerChappati – 2 Nos
Panner Masala – 100gm
Ragi Dosa – 2 Nos
Sambar – 50gm
Raw Carrot – 50gm
Idli – 2 Nos
Sambar – 50gm
Bed TimeRaisins – 5 Nos
Walnuts – 3 Nos
Almonds – 4 Nos
Banana – 100gmMilk – 150ml

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