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8 Best and Fastest Ways to Cure Peptic Ulcers Naturally

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peptic ulcer

Disclaimer: All the following is presented as personal opinion and does not mean to be medical advice. Always consult a physician for all medical advice. This document may contain errors or ommissions and should not take the place of licensed medical care.


Peptic ulcer is an  erosion of mucosal lining of those portions of alimentary tract that come in contact with gastric juice. This disintegration of tissues can lead to necrosis. It may seem to be a simple throat pain in the begining or you may feel some discomfort like acompression in your chest.

Taking the consultation of physician is advised if pain prolongs. The majority of ulcers are found in duodenum, although they occur also in esophagus, stomach or jejunum. 


Bacterial infection (Helicobacter pylori) is the chief cause of ulcer. It is a very common bacteria and is present in almost half of the people in the world,but nobody knows it because they do not get sick!

It is spiral shaped, with gram negative unipolar flagellum. It is found in  the stomach in about 50 percent of the population. Only in one percent of the people does the infection leads to stomach cancer.


  • Discomfort and flatulence can be found in upper part of abdomen.
  • Epigastric pain and heart burn, due to reflux of acid into esophagus occurs as deep hunger contractions.
  • Low plasma protein levels often delay rapid and complete ulcer healing.
  • Weight loss and iron deficiency anemia is common.
  • Bleeding ulcer results in vomiting known as haematemesis (dark brown in color).


Usually bland diet is recommended for ulcer patients. The bland diet should be mechanically, chemically, thermally non-irritating. Mechanically irritating foods include those with indigestible carbohydrate, such as whole grains and most raw fruits and vegetables.

Avoid including more spices and salty foods and to keep your mind happy at times try drinking fruit infuced water and fresh juices. Avoid including citrus fruits as they may trigger your infection further more.

Foods believed to be chemically irritating are alcohol, caffeine, some spicy foods and meat extractives. The capsaicin present in chillies causes shedding of surface stomach cells and may cause peptic distress. Foods served at extreme temperatures, such as very hot or iced liquids can cause pain due to their thermal effect. 


peptic ulcer

Protein provides the necessary amino acids for synthesis of tissue protein which helps in ulcer healing. Milk should be included as source of nutrient factor for healing purpose. Milk products like yogurt, panner, cheese can be taken along with egg (not fried) which is an excellent source of protein. Curd should be avoided.

For persons duing regular excercices and taking protein powders, vigorous exercises which basically crushes your stomach is not recomended and you can also avoid high jumps as it may trigger a reflex. Until recovery, mind exercises along with pranayamas are recomended.


peptic ulcer

Moderate amount of fat helps to suppress gastric secretion and motility through the enterogastrone mechanism. Fats such as cream, butter and olive oil can be particularly helpful for thin patients.

Avoid fried foods and go for natural and helthier option when it comes to fat. Means, a cream freshly prepared in home can be consumed considering your sugar levels rather than a processed cream in bakery which comes with a expiry tag.


peptic ulcer

Since it is assumed that low antioxidant levels predispose H. pylori infectio, Vitamin-C fruits or foods should not be given to patients as such since almost all vitamin C fruits are rich in acids which may again give you a reflex jerk, rather you can go for atioxident rich foods such as figs, pears, guava, watermelon etc.,


peptic ulcer

Strongly flavoured vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, onions, turnips and fried foods should be eliminated. Restriction of these foods can reduce distress. Ulcers can cause gas pain and hiccupping following meals, since this shoulden’t be triggered, all these foodscan be avoided.


peptic ulcer

A regular diet, including good sources of dietary fiber, has proved to be beneficial. Patients can take foods like avocado, broccoli, brown rice, oats porridge or with milk can be taken. Make sure they are well cooked and easy to digest.


  1.     Dairy products 
  2.     Eggs (not fried) 
  3.     Green leafy vegetables 
  4.     Steamed fish 
  5.     Rice 
  6.     Cooked pulses (non gas forming)
  7.     Malted drinks 


  1.     Alcohol 
  2.     Pickles 
  3.     All fried foods 
  4.     Cakes
  5.     Heavy sweets 
  6.     Raw unripe fruits 
  7.     Spices & condiments 
  8.     Meat soups 
  9.     Gravies & curries 

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