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10 Best Products for Underarm Darkness 2023

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10 Best Products for Underarm Darkness 2023 | Dermatologist Suggested | Glow Regime

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Underarm darkness

Treating underarm darkness

Underarm darkness is a big complaint of every women and men which starts from their teenage. It doesn’t happen overnight as we all know, so start treating it once you see a mild pigmentation. More bold the pigmentation, the more hard it is to treat and takes more time.

But underarm darkness is not a severe medical condition and the cure can be more quicker with proper products and guidance. Glow Regime is presenting you here with top 10 tested products which I have personally used and yeilded me good results and most of the brands even claims them to be Dermatologically suggested and tested.

#10 NIVEA Pearl and Beauty 50ml Deo Roll On 

Underarm darkness

Pearl Extracts | Avocado Oil | Alcohol Free | Colourant Free

Just a basic yet alcohol free deo roll on with lotion like creamy formula for people with itchy and dry underarms. It provides visible nourishment but I didn’t find it long-lasting though. Thee brand claims to provide 48 hours of effective protection. It contains precious pearl extracts that give a mild, soothing fragrance and keep you fresh all day long.All skin types

It contains anti-microbial agents that help keep bacteria away thus giving long lasting odour control. Its gentle formula with zero alcohol helps in taking care of the delicate underarm skin. Provides an even skin tone.

#9 Rexona Powder Dry Underarm Roll On

Underarm darkness

This is one of my favourite product which I m still using, wondering why its on 9th? This blog primarily focuses on underarm darkness and its ingredients has nothing to do with darkness. If you are a person who sweats a lot like me and a great odour control means a lot to you than lightening your skin, this would be first on my recomendation list. More sweaty persons will always need a dry underarm and you know what? you will get even that.

The brand claims it also to be a anti-perspirant and will give you 48 hours protection. Trust me guys, this has totally changed my world.

#8 Earth Rhythm Shikimic Acid Underarm roll on

Underarm darkness

Shikimic Acid | Aloe Juice | Hyaluronic Acid

Suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skin, Exfoliating Deodorant has a quick-absorbing formula that soothes, softens, and nourishes your underarms. With no chemicals and alcohol, it is safe on the skin and keeps your skin smelling clean and feeling confident all day long.

Shikimic Acid allows control and prevents the formation of bad odour. Moreover, it also acts as a powerful yet non-irritant exfoliating agent for your sensitive skin. A natural deodorizer, Shikimic Acid is known for antimicrobial properties that naturally minimize body odour.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice soothes and freshens your very delicate sensitive underarms. It not only nourishes your skin but helps to keep your armpits moisturized. With its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, aloe calms all types of inflammation and irritation. Hyaluronic Acid keeps the skin moisturized and soft while creating a plumping effect. Enriched with excellent moisturizing properties, it helps your skin to retain moisture, reduce underarms darkness, and control excessive sweat.

#7 Plum BodyLovin’ Hawaiian Rumba Deodorant Roll-On

Underarm darkness

Lactic Acid | Green Tea Extract | Glycolic Acid | Niacinamide

Not a big fan of this product, if you are looking for a roll on with good fragrance and odour control, go for it. Though it has a lot of active ingredients, most of them are almost at the end of the list so as expected, wouldn’t give visible results.

Hawaiian Rumba Deodorant Roll-On – for odor-free pits, all day long! With exfoliating glycolic acid, depigmenting lactic acid, and anti-bacterial green tea extract, enjoy the tropical scent and nasties-free formula for fresh, confident underarms. 48 hour odor control, enriched with exfoliating glycolic acid and Green tea extracts for its anti-bacterial properties. Refreshing beachy fragrance.

#6 Carmesi Natural Deodorant Roll-on for Women

Underarm darkness

95% Natural | 5% Essential Ingredients | Triclosan Free | Aluminum Free

Carmesi roll on is a very simple yet functional product with no active ingredients. It has alot of natural ingredients and a heavenly fragrance suitable for people loving natural products

95% NATURAL: Contains 95% natural ingredients, such as Liquorice Extract, Olive Oil, and Wood Sugar, which are safe for your skin. Liquorice Extract helps inhibit the enzyme responsible for skin darkening, in turn reducing pigmentation in your underarms, naturally. Does not contain Aluminium, which can clog skin pores, or Triclosan, which can be an endocrine disruptor. It is also free of Alcohol, which can irritate your skin.

#5 Sanfe Underarm Lightening Roll On 

Underarm darkness

5% AHA | Glycolic Acid | Salicylic acid | Glycoclear Technology

Infused with potent ingredients like Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Vitamin C, works together to target stubborn pigmentation, delivering remarkable results over time. Glycolic Acid effectively treats pigmentation and reduces odor, while Lactic Acid gently exfoliates dead skin cells.

Salicylic Acid (in %W/W) – 0.5%, brightens the skin and minimizes ingrown hairs. Vitamin C prevents melanin production and unclogs pores. Beyond numerous benefits, this deo roll-on soothes and treats ingrown hair, promoting smoother and healthier underarms.

#4 WishCare Underarm Roll On Serum

Underarm darkness

5% AHA | 3% Kojic Acid | Hyaluronic Acid | Licorice 

WishCare Under Arm Roll On Serum is a potent blend of AHA, Kojic Acid and Licorice which reduces under arm pigmentation and prevents your under arm from getting darker thereby lightening your under arm. It contains Hyaluronic Acid & CICA which keeps your under arm skin hydrated and fresh.

A blend of AHA and Kojic Acid along with natural actives as CICA and Licorice makes this formulation completely safe yet powerful for effective results. WishCare Under Arm Roll on is free from Aluminium, Alcohol & Paraben and comes in a long-lasting fresh aqua fragrance which along which controls odour for 24 hours.

#3 Be Bodywise 4% AHA BHA UnderArm Roll on

Underarm darkness

2% Lactic Acid | 1% Mandelic Acid | 1% Salicylic Acid | Alpha Arbutin 

2% Lactic acid & 1% Salicylic acid gently exfoliate dead skin cells and help to speed up cell turnover and cell renewal to reveal newer, fresher, smoother skin. 1% Mandelic acid helps boost collagen production resulting in radiant underarms.

Alpha arbutin reduces melanin production, fades dark spots & pigmentation by evening under-arm discoloration. AHA BHA-based solution that eliminates odor-causing bacteria that masks odor all day long.

#2 Minimalist Nonapeptide + AHA BHA 06% Underarm Roll On

Underarm darkness

 Nonapeptide | AHA BHA 06% | Mandelic Acid | Liquorice extract

Minimalist is one of the evergreen brand, though I have comp[laints in some of its products, this range of roll on is so fabulous. The only reason I have given it a 9 on 10 is, it takes a bit longer time to show results but the results are again amazing as said before.

Decylene Glycol is an antibacterial molecule which controls the growth of the bacteria primarily responsible for breakdown of sweat causing volatile organic compounds with bad odour. Additionally, Glycolic & Mandelic acid reduce the pH of the skin which help in further reducing bacterial growth. Nonapeptide, boosted with Butylresorcinol & Licorice root extract a powerful biomimetic peptide that helps inhibits melanin producing hormones. AHAsand BHAs are again herefor exfoliation.

#1 Chemist at Play UnderArm Roll-On Deodorant

Underarm darkness

5% AHA | Lactic Acid | 1% Mandelic Acid

I have personally used this deodorant and seen visible results in less than 5 days. If dark underarm is your major concern as this blog concentrates, you can blindly go for it. Works like magic.

Chemist at Play underarm roll on deodorant gently exfoliates the skin as it’s enriched with 5% Lactic Acid + Mandelic Acid. This also helps even out the skin tone and fades spots/patches on the skin, if any. This roll on deodorant is specially formulated to whiten and brighten your underarms with regular use. Just roll it 3-4 times post-shower daily and raise your hands in the air!

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