Sensitive Irritated Skin: Skincare, Do’s and Don’ts

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Is your skin irritated, do you have redness, inflamed and damaged skin barrier. Let’s talk about skincare for sensitive skin and the ways to build your healthy barrier.

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Let’s First Know the Lifestyle Changes you must do for Sensitive Skin!

  1. Stop using actives for at least 3 months and focus on hydraters and healers.
  2. Stop doing too hot or too cold showers, especially on areas where you have sensitive skin, focus on light cold or shower with lukewarm water.
  3. Change your pillow covers every two days.
  4. Do not focus on makeup and don’t use unwashed makeup brushes, since our natural skin is very much important than the artificial makeup sitting on top of it.
  5. Don’t scrub, steam or use any facials on your skin, this is not going to help but will worsen your skin.
  6. Never forget sunscreen on days and only opt for a mineral-based one rather than a chemical sunscreen, which generates heat and can trigger irritation.
  7. Avoid rubbing your face with rough towels after every wash, opt air drying or use one-time tissues and gently pat on your face just to remove excess water.
  8. Do not wash your face very often, wash it 2 times a day.
  9. On damp skin never skip applying moisturizer, avoid moisturizer with actives and go for one with hydrating, calming agents like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides, peptides, emollients and healing agents like chamomile, squalane, aloe vera extract, oat extract, calendula, cica, allantoin, green tea.
  10. Wondering about snail mucin! It’s a great way to soothe your skin and improve your skin barrier but after knowing about the harsh and heartless process of extracting snail mucin from snails, I would not recommend you go for it, there a lot other ways to heal your skin!
  11. Thermal water, its composition is clinically proven to calm, sooth and soften sensitive skin. Since these are sourced directly from natural springs, they contain a variety of minerals that can hydrate and calm down irritated skin barrier. It basically balances the microbiome on our skin, which is the major reason for skin breakouts. This, when becomes unbalanced, leads to all of the said problems.

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How should your Skincare be?

As said wash your face only twice a day, do not use foaming face wash or any sort of cleansers which contain actives. Go for a very mild and gentle cleanser. Remember, with gentle cleansers, 5 seconds of washing your face is not going to work and is going to further worsen your skin,

So, a good 5 to 6 minutes of gently washing your face can do wonders in your skin healing journey. Let your skin air dry partly, if you are a person having sinus and other problems use a tissue and pat dry your face.

For cleanser, i would suggest you to go for cetaphil or minimalist oat cleanser

Cetaphil Face Wash by Cetaphil, Gentle Skin Cleanser for Dry to Normal, Sensitive Skin – 250 ml| Hydrating Face Wash with Niacinamide,Vitamin B5| Dermatologist Recommended| Paraben, Sulphate Free

Minimalist Gentle Cleanser 6% Oat Extract For Sensitive Skin (Dry to Normal) | Sulphate Free | Non-Drying | Fragrance Free | Gentle Face Wash With Hyaluronic Acid (120 ml)

The second step is going to be thermal water, spay generously over your face. Buy a decent and a good brand thermal water. Do not replace it with rose water other than if it’s really natural. Natural rose water can do things almost similar to thermal water, but they can come with artificial fragrance and colors a lot of time. If you really want to go for rosewater, make sure its 100% natural.

Uriage Thermal Spring Water 300Ml

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray, 300ml

Mario Badescu Facial Spray 59mL with Aloe, Herbs and Rose Water for All Skin Types, Helps to Reduce Face Mist that Hydrates, Rejuvenates & Clarifies,Suitable for Unisex & Travel Size Daily Skin Care Routine, Travel Size

WishCare® 100% Pure & Natural Rose Water – For Skin, Face & Hair – Steam Distilled – Kannauj Gulab Jal – Spray Skin Toner – Free From Paraben, Alcohol & Chemicals – 200 ml

Biocule The Calm Soothing Toner Drop, Cica & Bisabolol for Skin Calming & Soothing | Enriched with Aloe Vera, Cucumber& Green Tea,Soothing& Calming Face Toner,Non-Comedogenic,Sensitive Skin, 100ml

numbuzin No.1 Pure-Full Calming Herb Toner 100ml

Toners and essence can also be a great option for thermal water, but for sensitive skin we must be very careful and selective while picking up toners since a lot of them can be irritating and comedogenic to sensitive skin, make sure to check the ingredient list before buying one.

And then finally go for a hydrating moisturizer, moisturizer which contains cica, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, panthenol and allantoin is going to do wonders in healing your breakouts and improves skin barrier.

On days, the final part would be a good mineral sunscreen with zinc oxides in it.

The Derma Co Ultra Light Zinc Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 50 PA+++ For Broad Spectrum, UVA,UVB & Blue Light Protection – 50g

Dr. Sheth’s Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ | Water Proof Sunscreen | No White Cast | Quick-absorbing | Ultra Lightweight & Non-sticky | 25% Zinc Oxide | for All Skin Types | for Women & Men | 50g

RE’ EQUIL Sheer Zinc Tinted Sunscreen, 100% Mineral-Based Sunscreen UVA, UBV, & IR Protection, Water Resistant With SPF 50 PA+++ For All Skin Types, 50g

Hyphen All I Need Sunscreen SPF 50 PA ++++ | Lightweight Sun Cream That Moisturizes & Leaves No White Cast | UVA & UVB Sun Protection & Blue Light Protection | Rich in Anti-Oxidants | 50ml

Thinking of Natural Home Remedies?

In this case I would not suggest you go and apply something lying on your kitchen counter because a lot of products in the kitchen can work good only if your barrier is good. Tomatoes, coconuts and flour like besan and rice can react very badly since they have some sort of acidic actives inside them.

Very few things like honey (make sure its pure), diluted green tea, coconut oil (some may be allergic) can be used. The best natural skincare would be pure freshly taken aloe vera gel. Soak your aloe vera overnight and you will see a slimy gummy red substance on the cut end, that’s what is going to cause you very bad irritation, so wash it thoroughly and peel its skin, the green skin can also cause irritation so make sure you completely peel it off and wash the flesh at least 7 times in water.

There you go! Your fresh aloe vera is ready, apply it all over your face and let it sit for a while and wash it of with cold or lukewarm water.

Don’t go for things like icing and steaming your face.

Vilvah Store Aloe Vera Gel | With Pure Aloe Vera | Gel for Face, Hair, Skin Moisturizer | Hydrates and Soothes | With Vitamin E and No Paraben | 100G (Pack of 1)

Innisfree Aloe Revital Soothing Gel | Jeju Aloe Flesh extract | All skintypes – 300ml

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